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Being Thankful always and trust In God!

16 November
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Be Thankful and Always trust in God!

"Being thankful always and trusting in God"

Being Thankful is not always easy!

Being thankful is not always an easy attitude to maintain. The bible tells us in Colossians 2 to be encouraged and unified in the faith. By being encouraged the bible is suggesting we should not be pessimistic like people of the World. By having this attitude of gratitude, we can unlock the secret riches of the knowledge of God in our lives. The Joy of the Lord. The secret hidden treasure is knowing and trusting the Lord Jesus Christ and allowing Him and the Father to direct our lives.

Many people have asked Jesus to come into their lives, but struggle to stay close to him. What many of us don’t realize is a relationship with God is more than meeting with Him weekly. It is having a daily walk with our heavenly Father. After all He loves us and wants us to be close to him. If we want a better relationship we must do things differently.

What is a daily walk with God like? 

What is a daily walk with God like? We can’t have the reward without putting in the work. You may have seen the work it takes to build a championship team while you were growing up. It takes work to be disciplined. God want our hearts! He want our attention. Quantity time is quality time. If we don’t spend time with our children they wont know us. We have to be disciplined. We have to be devoted. A devotion that includes praise, worship, prayer, self reflection, emptying ourselves by surrendering every area of our lives to God. God want to be a part of your life! Devotion also includes making time for reading the word of God. Obedience and reading the word are necessary for spiritual growth. These example are necessary for us to draw closer to God. 

God will change us and make us patient. He will take away the anger. You will become a giver and overflow with peace. You will love your neighbors as you love yourself.

“Draw close to me and I will draw close to you”

When we forget The Lord and go our own way, because of our own desires. We soon find that the peace we once had in Christ has left us. That’s why Jesus in John chapter 15 says, “draw close to me and I will draw close to you. Because a branch separated from the vine can do nothing on it’s own.”  As a  Christian, when we are separate from God we can do nothing for the kingdom of God. We certainly can’t give something we don’t have.

Christmas music that brings peace and healing

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Christmas music that brings peace and healing
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Being Thankful Always and trusting in God!

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