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Take Back what the Devil Stole – Redeeming the time

13 October
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Take Back what the Devil Stole – Redeeming the time.


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John 10:10 The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it more abundantly.

"Take back what the Devil Stole"

The difference between God and the Devil

I really like the verse above because it points out what the difference is between God, our Heavenly Father and Satan. Satan came to take something from us. Actually he came to do three things to us, Steal, kill and destroy and he certainly desires to do all three to our relationships. God on the other hand came to share his grace with us and if we were to accept it, we would be saved.

Redeeming the time

One thing we need to realize is when Satan came to steal something from us, it must be pretty valuable. We need to redeem the time we have lost. We might not see the value in our time, but Satan certainly thinks our time is precious. God is Faithful. He warns us not to allow the Devil to control our minds – Ephesians 4:27. We need to trust God. Faithful is our God. God came to give us life and lots of it, Amen! That makes me want to shout for joy!

Take Back what the Devil Stole

Ever get so tied up with work and neglect spending time with loved ones? It can be quite easy to do. We make ourselves busy usually because we think “this has to be done” and “If I don’t do this now I’ll fall so far behind I won’t get another chance to get it done. ” Time quickly passes and you barely notice your spouse had called you and as time passes you forget they every did call you. You might have even missed them going to bed. When you peek at the clock and it’s past midnight. You lecture yourself, “How could you let this happen again?”  Because now you are due to wake up in three and a half hours for work.

Leave me alone

Your kids asked you to accompany them to the park and you respond “maybe later.” Maybe later turned into tomorrow and tomorrow turned into leave me alone, not right now, I’m tired.

Cat’s In The Cradle

This reminds me of an old song “Cat’s In The Cradle.”  In that song the father was to busy for his son and kept telling his son he didn’t know when he would be home but that, “we will get together then soon, I know we’ll have a good time then.” That son would later grow up to be as busy as his father and had no time for his dad. We in today’s society get so rapped up with who knows what? Our brains are fried because we are too busy and we can’t seem to remember anything.

Take Back what the Devil Stole

We don’t mean to be like that. We didn’t choose to be parents who lived that way. Somewhere alone the line, life just kind of kicked you in the teeth and things took a turn. We make different choices.  Now we are reaping what we sow and we may not like the cards we are dealt. So what now? What do we do? Do we stay on the same track that got us here? Or do we take back what the Devil stole from us. Our time.

"take back what the devil stole - redeeming the time"

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What am I saying? We do things without recognizing it and before you know it, things come crumbling down around us. My suggestion is “Set time aside for the family, do something with them and for them first, before you take on the new project. Put their needs first and you may find that things work out a great deal better than you knew it could and you’ll be glad you did.” 🙂

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Take Back what the Devil Stole – Redeeming the time.

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