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The Best Company For Owner Operator Truck Drivers is Cargill Meat Logistics

14 October
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Why Cargill Is A Top 10 Company For Owner Operator Truckers

That’s a bold title, but I will give you my reasons why I think Cargill Meat Logistics Solutions is the best company on the road for Owner Operators truck drivers to sign on with. First off, I am a driver myself. I have been truck driving since 1992 as a straight truck driver from when I lived in Brooklyn New York. In 1995 I began driving over the road. I have driven for many companies as many of you have. In 2001 I bought my first truck and leased onto a company.

Why I leased on to Cargill

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The first thing that drew me to Cargill is that they ship their own products. They ship their own meat. They are the largest meat distribution outfit in the entire country, at least that’s what I heard. 😀 Cargill has more than 40 plants in North America. Cargill has turkey plants, chicken, pork and beef plants. They ship oil, and salt and to my surprise Cargill owns a chocolate plant in Milwaukee WI. The smell of a chocolate factory is amazing. They have no shortage of loads and only use owner operators to ship their food.

What Cargill Owner Operators Transport

Cargill ships livestock, Cargill ships refrigerated, dry van and tanker and another reason I was attracted to Cargill was I didn’t have to get hazard material added my licences again. That can be time consuming since in my state, an appointment is required to take the written hazmat test.

Cargill Pay Scale For Owner Operators

The last company I signed on with I had to rent a reefer trailer, pay for trailer washouts, and pay for refer fuel and that is because I didn’t do my research.

  1. Cargill pays for reefer fuel on their trailer.
  2. Cargill pays for trailer washouts on their trailers and anything to do with the trailer.
  3. Cargill pays 72% of the load. If you did own your own trailer they pay 85% of the load.
  4. Cargill pays for lumper unloads.
  5. And if you wanted to unload the truck, Cagill will pay you whatever the lumpers would receive.
  6. Pays $600 for layover pay depending on circumstances.
  7. Pays stop pay. The pick up and first stop are not counted. Every other stop is paid times 72%. So the 3rd stop would be 72% of $100 and the forth would be 72% of $200. I believe they max out on stop pay at $400 and something.

Cargill pays an average of $1.55 per mile paid to the truck and that includes fuel bonus. You will receive 2 com data cards. One for fuel and DEF and the other is for Reefer fuel. They pay twice weekly.

You can add pre-pass in your truck at a flat rate of $14 dollars a month. I did cancel my OOAIDA truck insurance because Cargill is self insured and the rates were lower.

Are there any Negatives About Signing On With Cargill?

The only negatives I can think of is they don’t cover tolls and they don’t pay deadhead miles. When it comes to getting on with the company they are very picky about passing the tractor inspection.

What does Cargill Orientation involve?

About Orientation

Day one of Orientation involves meeting Jeffery Johnson. He will have you sign paperwork and take you to a location for a road test. Once that is complete you may go to lunch or to the doctors office for a physical that includes a blood pressure and urine test. Your truck will be Inspected. On day 2 Jeffery picks you up and takes you to the Cargill facility in Wichita. You will learn how to use the people-net system for your truck. People-net is as system for e-logs and messages (Company E-mails for load info).

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Getting on with the company is not easy. Because they are very picky about inspections. You have to pass a strict truck inspection.

I suggest checking out your truck before you come to orientation. fix everything and get it lubed. Orientation is located in Wichita Kansas. If your truck doesn’t pass you must get it fixed before you can sign on. Cargill requires a minimum of 4 dot inspections yearly. They have a driver sign on bonus of $1000.

Also make sure your blood pressure is A okay. One of the guys I met in orientation had a difficult go of it.

If you have any questions or if I left anything out you can leave me a comment below. Or you can email me at I will respond to your email. If you would like, consider using me as a referral. My name is Norman Grant and truck number is 2935. 🙂

The phone number for recruiting is (316)-462-7224 and (316)-462-7220

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